whattoexpect_1info-whattoexpect-instructorsqualificationsThe majority of classes across our clubs are taught by Sensei Paul Herbert – a 5th Dan black belt and renowned professional martial artist who has been an English, British & European champion. In addition to captaining the national team at European and World championships, Sensei Paul has taught all over the world and has been featured in all of the leading martial art magazines. “The Next Generation” – Shotokan Karate Magazine “One of the UK’s finest talents” – Shotokan Way Magazine “Highly Skilled” – Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan “Inspirational” – Sensei Geoff Thompson 7th Dan Sensei Paul is supported by a handful of very skilled assistant instructors, all of whom are over thirty years of age, CRB checked, members of the governing body, authenticated black belts and regular attendees of the ASK instructors class.

info-whattoexpect-equipmentIt is advised that students just wear loose comfortable clothing for the first month of training. After this, the student must purchase a white Karate suit from their parent club. These suits (called a Gi) are all a student requires to partake in regular Karate practice.

info-whattoexpect-commitmentDue to the complex nature of Karate, we ask that our students attempt to train a minimum of twice per week. Training once a week, although adequate for lower grades obviously results in much slower progression and dramatically reduces the attendance requirement between each grading. With classes running six days a week at four different locations, adding Karate practice to your routine couldn’t be easier. Karate is very rewarding but like all martial arts it requires hard work and discipline from its participants.

info-whattoexpect-gradingGrading are held every 12 weeks, provided that the student has reached the minimum attendance and technical standard required between exams. All grading take place under the supervision of the chief instructor and like any progressive exam system, become harder the further the student progresses.

The period between grading examinations of course varies taking into account the individual students training frequency, attitude and natural inclination. The minimum lesson requirement between grades is also something that increase as the student advances. Karate can be for life, it is not a race and personal progress should never be considered as such.

Excellence in Karate comes only through hard training, perseverance and maintaining a correct attitude whilst carefully following the directions of senior instructors.

For an understanding of our chief instructors feelings on this subject, his 2013 Article entitled Grade can be viewed at the SHOTOKANWAY.

clubinfo_3-5Our clubs contain many past and present champions and medallists, both at national and international level. The opportunity to compete and potentially represent both association and country, is available to all members if the interest is there. However just like grading, entry into competitions is by no means a compulsory part of Karate, but it can be a challenging and very enjoyable part of it.

Kiryoko As well as traditional and competition Karate, we also run weekly KIRYOKU COMBAT sessions and quarterly courses that are open to all levels of ability. We cover self defence avoidance methods and physical MMA techniques from Karate, Judo, BJJ, Aikido plus Thai and Western boxing. Our MMA classes are also a great way of improving overall fitness, ability and confidence.

info-whattoexpect-eventsactivitiesAs well as attending regular grading and competitions, we run various 1-day courses for all of our members plus a very popular 3-day annual summer camp with leading European and Japanese instructors. Although our clubs are open all year through, we also hold domestic mini-camps for our younger students during the summer and Christmas holidays. At the end of each year, Kiryoku celebrates with a big party and dinner for all of its members and their families.

info-whattoexpect-privatelessonsPrivate classes are always available throughout the day and at weekends with both male and female black belt instructors.