info-membershipschemesAt Kiryoku, we have a very simple and easy way of paying your training fees. Students simply make their payments in advance by standing order or in cash and the entire month is covered.

Our tiered membership scheme offers our members the advantage of having a set monthly budget for their training plus allows them to take advantage of a considerable saving on training costs. Our memberships are not restricted to one venue and allow our students to train at any of our 7-days a week timetabled classes.

The only other requirement is a £40 annual membership fee for grading licence, insurance, membership card, registration to the EKF and admin fees. Please note that we do not run a Direct Debit scheme with any hidden cost or binding contract and that all membership payments remain completely in the control of the student. Please see your club instructor for a standing order and membership form.

Please note that all fees must be paid in advance of training and that missed sessions are NOT carried over to the following month. Students pay for their monthly membership whether or not they can attend their maximum number of classes. Members who cannot commit to regular weekly training are welcome to pay as they train – the cost of this is £10 per session.

In the event of a student being unable to train for an extended period (4 weeks or more), the monthly membership can be cancelled until the student returns. Whilst we appreciate that our members take holidays, all of our clubs continue to run and provide classes during these periods of individual absence. Members should weigh up the cost of continuing to pay their monthly subscriptions against the implications of cancelling their membership and re-joining on their return, where they will have to re-apply for membership. Although a standing order can be cancelled at any time, out of courtesy members are politely asked to give one calendar months notice to the club instructor before doing so.

In the event of a student leaving Kiryoku, it is the SOLE RESPONSIBILTY of that member or parent to cancel their standing order.


    £30 per month.

    Members can attend 5 classes at any of the Kiryoku dojo including Combat. On this membership scheme training equates as £6 per attendance.


    £40 per month.

    Members can attend 8 classes at any of the Kiryoku dojo including Combat. On this membership scheme training equates as only £5 per attendance.

  • GOLD

    £55 per month.

    Members can attend unlimited classes at any of the Kiryoku dojo including Combat. On this membership training equates to as little as £2 per attendance.

    Family schemes are calculated at the discretion of the chief instructor based upon the number of family members training and their average frequency.

    £10 per class.

    On the ‘pay as you go’ scheme you simply pay £10 prior to your class. This is ideally suited to those members who are unable to commit to regular monthly training.

Students on BRONZE and SILVER membership who exceed their monthly session limit, simply pay the reduced fee of £5 per additional session.