Kiryoku Kids

Specially designed to introduce children to the fun of karate.

activities-karate-kids-labels1Our ‘Karate Kid’ classes are specially designed to introduce young children to Karate and the fun that comes from learning a traditional martial art. The goal of these 40 minute classes is to nurture our younger students in a safe environment that allows their abilities and character to develop whilst learning respect and gaining confidence. These sessions not only help develop hand and eye co-ordination motor skills, they also expose children to the correct morals and values that they will need throughout life.

Parents and teachers often report that after attending our sessions, their children are more focused and attentive during their daily lives at home and at school. Parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to remain in the dojo (training hall) to watch their children train. Despite all Kiryoku Shotokan instructors holding enhanced CRB certification, Karate Kid classes are never run without third party supervision. All of our instructors are committed to developing our Karate Kids and are authorities on good practice for child protection procedures.