Our KARATE classes are aimed at all levels of ability and provide our members with a safe and healthy means of learning Shotokan Karate. Shown to improve fitness, flexibility, agility, concentration, confidence, self-awareness and mental development, Karate is a combination of kicking, punching, striking and blocking techniques developed in Japan.

Training at all of our venues begin with either a KARATE KIDS or a family friendly KARATE class that are designed to introduce young people to Karate and the fun that comes from learning a traditional martial art. Parents and teachers often report that after attending our sessions, their children are more focused and attentive during their daily lives at home and at school.

Our later ADVANCED KARATE classes are aimed at our Black and Brown Belt members. These classes contain far less basic linear training and concentrate on the pragmatic application of the techniques contained within the vast Shotokan syllabus and numerous Kata.