Complete standalone MMA & combat fitness system.

Kiryoku Combat is not only an important subsidiary to traditional martial arts, but also a complete standalone MMA and combat based fitness system conceived by internationally renowned Martial Artist Paul Herbert. Using MMA techniques like punching, striking, kicking, shoots and sprawls, Kiryoku Combat trains the body to be explosive, powerful, co-ordinated and balanced whilst forging a mental attitude that will impact and enhance every aspect of your daily life.

Developed from one of the toughest sports in the world, the fitness benefits of MMA are renowned. Kiryoku Combat’s intense and concentrated cardiovascular warm up involves a combination of core strength, endurance and flexibility resulting in full body conditioning. However, these sessions are not choreographed aerobic classes accompanied by a soundtrack. Kiryoku Combat is primarily a no-nonsense MMA and reality based self defence system.

In addition to him being a former ABA boxing champion and his many years fighting in the international Karate competition arena, Paul Herbert also knows what works in the depths of the pavement arena from his gritty experience as a doorman, enforcement officer, certificated bailiff and bodyguard. Training for real confrontation is very intense and quite different from training for competition, even that of cage fighting. Consequently in addition to match sparring, Kiryoku Combat also trains its participants to read the attackers body language and learn what common rituals are associated with habitual acts of violence.

Kiryoku Combat is able to provide male and female coaches for 1-2-1 personal training sessions. Senior coach Paul Herbert is available worldwide for seminars and as a technical advisor to both amateur and professional fighters.

Kiryoku Combat supplies gloves and pads but it is best in the long run for its participants to purchase their own direct from the club. Essentially 10oz-16oz boxing gloves, 4oz-6oz MMA gloves and a moulded gum shield. Kiryoku Combat does not encourage the wearing of traditional Gi or Kimonos.

Clothing is casual with participants wearing T-shirts or hoodies with either shorts or tracksuit bottoms. ‘Rhinos Gym’ or ‘Train Hard or Go Home’ fight wear can be purchased direct from the club.

Every Sunday from 10:45am to 11:45am. The Dojo, Rhinos Gym, Unit F1 Imperial Business Estate, West Mill, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0DL

Every Wednesday from 8.00pm to 9.00pm. Dartford SKC, The Gymnasium Dojo, Darenth C P School, Green Street Green Road, Dartford DA2 8DH